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Configurable Furniture

All of our furniture may be configured and are made by order.


Escape is a universal seating furniture that consists of three sofa modules in different shapes. Add a backrest and create countless combinations to fit any need and space.

Design Mario Ruiz

Escape is ready for delivery from week 13.⁠


Everlong is a new type of sofa that is developed to offer clients the possibility to order it in a specific length based on their need.

Design Jens Fager

Everlong is ready for delivery from week 13.⁠


Eski is an ergonomic and elegant chair with a small twist. The chair is available in three models, a 4-leg version, a 4-star column swivel as well as a 4-star swivel.

Design Luca Nichetto

Eski is ready for delivery from week 20.

Troy Trolley

Troy is a trolley that will expand the offer in any room, it gently blends in with the interior while simultaneously being open for service.

Design Mario Ruiz

Troy is ready for delivery from week 20.⁠

Neat Table

Neat Table Lo is a desk with the right proportions and features to give you an effective workspace where it is needed.

Design Thomas Eriksson

Neat Table Lo is ready for delivery from week 13.⁠


Cup is a stool that accommodates all kind of breaks. A nomadic furniture partly made out of leftover material from Edsbyn’s production.

Design Luca Nichetto

Cup is ready for delivery from week 13.⁠

Scandinavian Designers

Together with some of the best designers, we develop top modern furniture in timeless design. This means that you get durable furniture with well-proven form and function that withstands daily use in offices and in public environments year after year.

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Shape Storage


Dynamic and practical storage with a focus on flexibility and options to meet the unique needs of each room. All modules can be combined both horizontally and vertically.

Shape Your Storage!

Modular Chair


Comfortable and modular chairs with a strong identity – Designed by Jens Fager for use everyday life, with a strong focus on its comfort.

Design Jens Fager


Flexible measuring chain and a wide range of materials.
Design by Jon Kvarmans

Sustainability since 1899

Reuse is encouraged by Edsbyn’s timeless modern design, which resists the changing tastes of fashion, together with high product quality maintained throughout the entire life-cycle. This facilitates reuse, which is coordinated with our resellers.

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In our tool My.Edsbyn you can easily choose material, color and size to create a quotation request.

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