Escape Sofa

Escape is a universal seating furniture that consists of three soft modules in different shapes that together with a backrest easily can be configured in endless combinations to fit any need and space, from the small lobby to the large meeting area. Escape is manufactured in Edsbyn with leftover material from its production, and can be supplemented with convenient electric outlets for charging devices and sleek tables that are discretely connected at the plinth base.

“Escape is a system of different modules that allows you to create big or small islands. What might look like simple shapes are in fact the hardest to achieve so that they work both technically and aesthetically. These modules are square and rectangular with soft, round curves, almost like stones or pebbles found in a river and the combinations you can make with them are endless. From basic to extensive, Escape can stretch out into a corridor and fill up a great hall or scale down in to a small waiting area, connecting different interior zones in a work or meeting space.” /Mario Ruiz

⁠Escape is ready for delivery from week 13.⁠

Design Mario Ruiz


About the designer

Mario Ruiz

“It is wonderful to be a part of a project in a company that has such a long history of furniture design as Edsbyn, and which is also just in the beginning of a new chapter”

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