Eski Chair

Eski is an ergonomic and elegant chair with a small twist, designed by Luca Nichetto. The chair is available in three models, a 4-leg version, a 4-star column swivel as well as a 4-star swivel.

Edsbyn’s rich history of manufacturing has come alive in Eski. The silhouette of the famous windsor chair Fanett is recognizable in the stitching of the upholstered seat – a seat made out of a new biomass foam which only lowers the environmental footprint, not the comfort. Swedish steel is used for the 4-star column swivel base and four leg versions, and 100% recycled aluminium for the 4-star swivel. While skis in solid oak turns it into a rocking chair as a homage to the past as producer of worldrenowned skis.⁠

”Over the years I have worked with several heritage brands, respectfully exploring their historical archives to find products that contributed to their success. With Edsbyn, I found the version of the Fanett (1955) chair designed by Finnish designer Ilmari Tapiovaara, an icon in Scandinavian design history. This beautiful windsor chair can still be found across Sweden. So when I was asked to design an easy chair, I wanted to make it as ergonomic and elegant as possible, adding a small twist. I have used the recognizable angels of the windsor chair as a stitching pattern in the upholstered seat, symbolically linking the company’s past with its evolving future.” / Luca Nichetto

Eski is ready for delivery from week 20.⁠

Design Luca Nichetto


About the designer

Luca Nichetto

“Maybe it is the Italian in me, but playfulness is in my design culture. When it comes to new design, staying relevant is crucial because of the amount of furniture competing in the same category”

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