Modular Chairs

Comfortable and modular chairs with a strong identity. Modular is a circular premium series of chairs suitable for all offices, workspaces, in both public and private environments. Configure your personal model to fit the room and purpose with many choices of bases, function, color, material and armrests.

It has taken us countless hours to study the function and develop this chair series together with Jens, which is modular almost to infinity, 100% circular, and at the same time functional, comfortable, elegant, and high-quality.

The focus has been on comfort and user-friendliness throughout the design process.The result is the double-curved surfaces in both the seat and back.A Modular Chair is comfortable even in its simplest form, entirely made of wood.Add a upholstered seat and back for a softer impression and even higher comfort.

We are proud to present a complete series of chairs that are 100% circular.All parts can be disassembled for restoration or recycling.

The balance between the floating backrest, the seat with its thin outer contours, and the elegant steel tube frames gives the Modular Chair a clear international expression with a unique and strong identity.

Simple variables, together with endless possibilities, create conditions for those who want to make a strong and sustainable impression with their interior design.From the conference room, meeting room, class room, café, restaurant to the hotel lobby.The Modular Chairs are designed for everyday life, in every room.

About the designer


Everything is and will be different. The core is to treat every product in an honest way, to find the main function to reach simplicity.

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