Everlong Sofa

The length of the Everlong sofa can be adjusted to meet the architect’s vision and the need for unique solutions. Much design focus has been placed on the harmony in the leg frame’s meeting with the back and seat, which also makes the Everlong Sofa beautiful as a standalone piece in a room. With its honest design, it can be easily positioned in a wide variety of demanding environments, such as restaurants, airports, or museums. 

Besides from bespoke lengths, Everlong is available in two standard versions and can also be arranged with backrests back-to-back down the centre.

“For Edsbyn, Everlong is a new type of sofa that is developed to offer clients the possibility to order it in a specific length based on their need. What matters the most to me in a furniture like this is the comfort. The pressure point on the lumbar region is almost the same for everyone, no matter how tall we are, and so it is important that the backrest is adjusted as accurately as possible to not put any unnecessary strain on it. And we have developed a quite generous upholstered backrest in what we consider is an optimal angle.  I am very satisfied with the fact that we have used the machines in the best possible ways so that we want to highlight all the details of the metal work instead of covering them up with a fabric.” /Jens Fager

Everlong is ready for delivery from week 13.⁠

Design Jens Fager


About the designer


Everything is and will be different. The core is to treat every product in an honest way, to find the main function to reach simplicity.

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