At Edsbyn Senab we care about your personal privacy
It is important to Edsbyn Senab AB and its subsidiaries (”Edsbyn Senab”) that you should be reassured that Edsbyn Senab processes your personal data in a safe and legal manner. In this privacy policy we describe how Edsbyn Senab processes your personal data.

All processing of personal data is performed in line with applicable legislation. This means that Edsbyn Senab protects your personal data with the necessary actions and that you always have the right to contact us in order to find out what personal data Edsbyn Senab has saved about you. You can read more about your rights in this policy. You can also visit where you can read more about your rights regarding the processing of your personal data.

If you have any questions about how we process personal data you are always welcome to contact us!

This is how Edsbyn Sean processes personal data
This privacy policy describes how Edsbyn Senab processes your personal data.

1. Who is responsible for your personal data?
Edsbyn Senab is an international group where each company is the personal data controller for the personal data that it obtains and processes. The companies are the following:

Edsbyn Senab AB (publ), 556755–0081, Box 300, SE-828 25 Edsbyn

AB Edsbyverken, 556040-0755, Box 300, SE-828 25 Edsbyn

Edsbyn AS, 916242727, Drammensveien 130C, NO-0277 Oslo

Senab AB, 556299-1447, Box 7164, SE-103 88 Stockholm

Senab Concept AB, 556876-9193, Box 12112, SE-402 42 Gothenburg

Senab Services AB, 556110-0396, Box 7242, SE-103 89 Stockholm

Senab (Shanghai) Trading Co Ltd, 91310115312345438N, Jiu Jiang Rd No.501, Dobe Bund Rm. 118, Huangpu Area, Shanghai, 200001, China

2. How does Edsbyn Senab obtain your personal data?
Edsbyn Senab collects personal data that you give to us when you are in contact with us via our website, e-mail, post, our social media, your contact with our employees, when ordering or in other ways. This can, for example, occur when you are the contact person at one of our customer companies, suppliers or partners such as architect’s offices, subscribe to our newsletter or when you are in touch with us in some other way or use our services. We also collect personal data when recruiting.

Edsbyn Senab may also receive personal data from other sources than yourself if it is necessary for an agreement, such as credit search information or to otherwise fulfil commitments in relation to you.

3. What personal data is processed?
The personal data that Edsbyn Senab process are contact details such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, position, electronic addresses and other address details. Other personal data that can be processed includes date of birth, social security number, account details, responses to customer surveys, CV, personal letters, images and/or other information that you have supplied to Edsbyn Senab or that is otherwise necessary for Edsbyn Senab to fulfil contacts, commitments and other service towards you. As stated below Edsbyn Senab’s website uses cookies, for which IP addresses and device IDs can be processed.

4. Why does Edsbyn Senab process personal data about you?
Your personal data can be processed by Edsbyn Senab for the following reasons among others:

  • to fulfil our commitments to you regarding requests for quotes, ordering, delivery and follow up,
  • to handle any customer points of view and claims,
  • to fulfil our commitments to you otherwise,
  • to allow good service to you by, for example, responding to questions that you have asked us,
  • to contact you,
  • to contact you as a contact person at one of our partners, such as architects’ offices,
  • to send relevant information and offers about Edsbyn Senab’s different services and arrangements both in digital channels and physical mailings,
  • for statistics on social media,
  • to send newsletters to you,
  • to carry out voluntary customer surveys,
  • to be used as documentation when invoicing or receiving payment for our services,
  • to handle any payment omissions,
  • to fulfil legal obligations such as the Accounting Act,
  • to handle and administer customer surveys by creating statistics with the purpose of making our services better for as many as possible and for you,
  • for internal identification such as contract number, internal or official customer number,
  • to document images for different events we participate in or arrange,
  • to handle and administer job applications.

4. When does Edsbyn Senab have the right to process your personal data?
Edsbyn Senab has the right to process the personal data that is required to fulfil Edsbyn Senab’s commitments to you in a contractual relationship, if you have given consent to the processing or if the processing could occur in line with the legitimate interests of Edsbyn Senab. Edsbyn Senab may also need to process your personal data or grounds of legal obligations due to laws or ordinances.

5. Who has access to your personal data?
Your personal data is used by Edsbyn Senab and its appointed suppliers who constitute the personal data processors. Edsbyn Senab does not submit personal data to other countries or authorities if Edsbyn Senab is not required to by contract, law, regulation of decision by the authorities or to protect our rights or third party’s rights or if the transfer to a third party is part of our commitment to you.

Edsbyn Senab will never pass on or sell your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes without your specific consent.

6. Oppose processing for direct marketing
You have the right to oppose Edsbyn Senab processing your personal data for direct marketing. If you wish to oppose direct marketing you can deregister from mailings by clicking the deregister link in the mailing or by contacting Edsbyn Senab.

6. Transfer to another country
Edsbyn Senab is an international group with companies outside the EU/EES. Edsbyn Senab’s companies within the EU/EES do not transfer your personal data to countries outside the EU/EES unless this was specifically stated when you gave us your personal data. When transferring to other countries Edsbyn Senab always ensures that your personal data is protected through contracts that meet the EU’s requirements according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

7. How long does Edsbyn Senab store your personal data?
Edsbyn Senab only stores your personal data as long as is necessary for Edsbyn Senab to fulfil the purpose of processing in each individual case.

8. What rights do you have?

8.1 Right to access
You have the right to request information about what personal data we have stored about you and how Edsbyn Senab processes that personal data. You also have the right to a copy of your personal data, a register export.

8.2 Correcting and deleting
You have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected and supplemented. In certain cases, you also have the right to have your personal data deleted, for example if it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected unless Edsbyn Senab has another legal reason or processing it (such as legal obligation under the Accounting act).

8.3 Objections and restrictions of personal data
In certain cases you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. In certain cases, you also have the right to restrict the processing, for example if you consider that the personal data is not correct.

8.4 Data portability
The personal data that you supplied to Edsbyn Senab can be in portable form. This means that the data can in certain circumstances be moved, copied or electronically transferred. In such cases you have in some cases the right to have that personal data transferred to another Personal Data Processor.

8.5 Consent and withdrawal of consent
In certain cases we can request consent from you, for example publishing an image in social media. If we process your personal data with consent as the legal basis for processing, you can at any time withdraw your consent for future use. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing that took place prior to you choosing to withdraw your consent.

Requests and complaints to the Datainspektionen – The Data Inspection Board
Send requests for extracts from the register, corrections, deletions, objections, restrictions, data portability and requests for withdrawal of consent to

You also have the right to complain to the supervisory authority for processing personal data, (

How is your personal data protected?
Edsbyn Senab continuously works to take all appropriate technical and organisational actions that is required in each single case to protect your personal data and otherwise ensure that all processing is in accordance with the relevant legislation. As examples of action one can mention that Edsbyn Senab has procedures and authorisation restrictions that prevent unauthorised access.

Edsbyn Senab’s website uses small test files, cookies, when you navigate our website. You can read more about our use of cookies in our cookie policy on [] and []

Updating this privacy policy
Edsbyn Senab makes ongoing changes to this privacy policy. A new version applies when it is made available on our websiteswww.senab.comand

Contact information
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our processing of your personal data. You can find the contact information for each individual company above and you can also e-mail

This privacy policy applies from 8th December 2018.


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