Re-Think Work

What will the next-gen workplace look like? That’s the question Edsbyn asked itself when presenting a new interactive booth concept at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020 designed to awaken thoughts and ideas about the workplaces of the future. The concept, #rethinkwork, is being developed in collaboration with Superlab.

During 2020, Edsbyn wants to get people to stop, ask questions and dare to listen. The concept #rethinkwork is the starting point for a thorough and honest analysis of people in the

“Edsbyn has been around for 120 years. The secret to our success is the ability to change. The goal with #rethinkwork is to find new solutions for a highly-functional and enjoyable workplace now and in the future,” says Bengt Gunnarsson, CEO at Edsbyn.

The emergence of digitalization in recent years has contributed to the need for a change in the physical environment, not least in the workplace. Edsbyn has therefore chosen to investigate what new generations are asking for, and based on their answers, designing furniture that meets these new requirements. The first step is being presented at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, for which Edsbyn has developed an exhibition stand in collaboration with Superlab and the designer Jens Fager. At the stand, a real-time study is being carried out to gather more information and to gain greater understanding of what future workspaces need.

The aim of the stand this year is to offer an unexpected and inspiring experience that starts a discussion.

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