Reference: Hypergene


Hypergene is the IT company that in 2019 opened the doors to its new head office in Malmö. The new location for the tech company was nothing less than Gängtappen, which is one of the city’s tallest buildings, designed by architect Paul Hedqvist.

When it was time to choose the interior design, the focus was on durable furniture with a high quality, all in order to use them for a long time.

The desire was to create a pleasant atmosphere where the function and opportunity for cooperation between employees could be realized. That vision could be realized, when it was Edsbyn’s furniture that would provide the premises of the new head office.

To meet the needs, custom-made furnish were created such as personal storage: Access storage in walnut veneer with RFID lock.

Custom-made conference tables were also developed such as: Feather conference table


Gather sofas


Personal storage

Neat Table Dual

Feather lounge

Cone table

Feather conference

Hypergene works activity-based where the interior supports the employees’ function and the common processes. Senab was responsible for the interior design together with the customer.

Photographer: Elias Björn @bildriket


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