Troy Trolley

Troy is a trolley that will extend the offer of any room. With a calm form pressed wooden front, a technique that Edsbyn has mastered for over 100 years, Troy gently blends in with the interior while simultaneously being open for service. And with a high podium size version, Troy can also accommodate planned or spontaneous talks.

“Today we live, work and socialise in the same space, so the way we use furniture changes throughout the day. In these “hybrid spaces” furniture is expected to be flexible, so a trolley needs to be more than just shelves on wheels. Everyone can relate to the feeling of being in a meeting in which a trolley comes in with refreshments and, for a second, the conversation stops and no one can take their mind off the cake. With one side closed, Troy enters the room anonymously and discretely parks to become part of the interior architecture. When turned around the goods can be enjoyed, and when turned back the dishes are covered up. I am very happy with the result, I think we have managed to get the radii just right in every corner for a welcoming, friendly piece.”

Design Mario Ruiz


About the designer

Mario Ruiz

“It is wonderful to be a part of a project in a company that has such a long history of furniture design as Edsbyn, and which is also just in the beginning of a new chapter”

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