Cup Stool

This nomadic furniture, is built with a hollow cylinder in recycled cardboard and leftover material from Edsbyn’s production. With a tactile metal handle in Swedish steel on the side, and an upholstered seat that can be combined in various colors, Cup is sure to add flavor to the room.

“There are many stools designed for temporary seating within the so-called ‘nomad typology’. So, I began by looking into where these stools are most commonly used – near canteens, bars or cafés. I imagined people sitting, chatting during a break, realising these are ‘fika’ moments, a cherished Swedish routine linked to coffee. To honour this, I scaled up the coffee cup, designing a metal handle resembling an ear attached to a cylinder with an upholstered seat. To make it even more playful, the color choice could reflect how you take your coffee. Hopefully it offers users not just a pleasant break but also a smile.” /Luca Nichetto

Design Luca Nichetto


About the designer

Luca Nichetto

“Maybe it is the Italian in me, but playfulness is in my design culture. When it comes to new design, staying relevant is crucial because of the amount of furniture competing in the same category”

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