Choice Conference Table

Regardless of the form of the meeting, working methods or number of people, there is one Choice Table that meets the need in today´s and tomorrow´s workplaces.
The system contains few components with different stand solutions, a flexible measuring chain and a wide range of materials. This creates many opportunities and gives a great deal of freedom to choose the design and function that best suits both users and businesses.

Few details build many possibilities
There are many possibilities to combine sizes, materials and stands. Below there are some examples of different designs. You choose the combination that best suits your needs.

Reuse is encouraged by Edsbyn’s timeless modern design, which resists the changing tastes of fashion, together with high product quality maintained throughout the entire life-cycle. This facilitates reuse, which is coordinated with our resellers. At Edsbyn, we work constantly to improve our processes and furniture production – in order to be the obvious choice for those who select office furniture on the basis of environmental and sustainability factors.

Design Jon Kvarmans, Edsbyn


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