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When the floor space is limited you need solutions that can make use of every inch. Neat Table is a desk with the right proportions and features to give you an effective workspace where it is needed. It has been important for us to design furniture which also could be used at home, and Neat Table is a desk which really fits in everywhere, no matter if it is in a hotel, office or bedroom.

Neat Table is characterised by its clear lightness and delicate profile of the table top and leg frame. The metal leg frame and wooden tabletop, which can be combined in different colors, along with electrical outlets and an elegant apron up front, make this table a long-awaited addition to the NEAT series.

The shape is also the result of an economical use of materials; no component should be too advanced or heavy, and none should be thicker than necessary to conserve resources.

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Thomas Eriksson Architects, TEA, develops design that communicate and builds identity with Scandinavian tonality.

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