Pressrelease – CDW 2018

Edsbyn has been producing great furniture since 1899, and still do. We believe in sustainable production, durable design and human spaces furnished for human needs. Today we embody our Scandinavian heritage through leading designers such as Jens Fager, Andreas Engesvik and TEA, who have designed several of this year’s products presented at Clerkenwell Design Week.

PRESS CHAIR – A trim and elegant shell chair in 3D-moulded veneers. The slender conformed seat offers a unique fit with a natural resilience in the back.
Design Andreas Engesvik.

CONE TABLE – An understated design that combines easily with all types of chairs. The conically shaped leg forms a stable connection to the base, giving the entire design a distinctive character.
Design Jens Fager.

HUG CHAIR – Comfort, Accessibility and Function. Hug Chair is perfect for every occasion, every person and every place.
Design Jens Fager.

SOLID TABLE TOP – A solid wood full stave table top, which gives it a substantial and elegant expression. The top has a balanced edge that is easy on both the hand and the eye. A groove on the underside offers a comfortable grip that makes it easier to move the table.
Design Jens Fager.

SOUND BUBBLE 2.0 – A research project with Doctoral Candidate Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson, which has the aim to answer the question: Is it possible to add sound to reduce
stress and improve the ability to concentrate at the workplace?
Today’s open offices and meeting spaces create great environments at the same time as noise is a growing problem. In this research Edsbyn and Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson address this issue through personalized dynamic sound environments that create invisible spaces in the room.

Tilt Table – Did we forget about the tilted table when computers entered every office? Edsbyn would like to bring back the idea of a more ergonomic workplace and contribute to the debate. Is Tilt Table the way to go? A prototype of a hand tilted desk will be presented at Clerkenwell Design Week.

All products are presented at Clerkenwell Design Week, Design Fields DF1, on 22-24th May 2018.

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