Access Storage

From simple elegance to unique and exclusive – you decide! Access Storage is a completely new storage line, with the focus on function and choice. Edsbyn has been producing quality customised furniture for over 100 years, and the Access family is our response to your demands. MATERIAL & COLOURS Access Storage comes in a broad range of authentic veneers in Birch, Oak, Ash, laminate and with painted surfaces. The Fern Green and Sandy Grey shades have been specially designed by our designer Jens Fager. Fern Green was inspired by fern and our serene Swedish forests. Sandy Grey conveys a sense of boulders crumbling into sand. “Beautiful, subdued and serene” – Jens Fager ACCESSORIES Designed and cast handles offer a tactile experience from the designer’s own hands. Working at 1:1 scale, our designer Andreas Engesvik has designed the model for the Access family’s most exclusive cast aluminium fittings by hand. “An impression of the human hand for the human hand” – Andreas Engesvik  You can choose from among simple wooden handles, elegant bridge handles and Andreas’s uniquely designed handles. FUNCTIONS Access Storage is available on various types of pedestals and legs. Choose from among open storage, Venetian blinds, sliding doors and classic side-hung doors. Choose the height, width and depth you need.
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