Edsbyn’s table screens help employees in open plan offices to focus on their tasks. Choose between fabric-clad table screens and table screens in wood or plexiglass.

The choice depends on whether you need table screens for sound absorption or visual separation.

The screens are available in different widths to fit different types of table. There are also many different functional accessories for the fabric-clad or wooden screens, which can easily be installed on the screens.



Textilierna till denna produkt är till övervägande del certifierade enligt Oeko-Tex eller EU Ecolabel.


Vår produktion är certifierad enligt systemen för styrning av kvalitet och miljö: ISO 9001 och ISO 14001.

About the designer

Edsbyn Design Dept.

At Edsbyn, we have been designing and building furniture since the company was founded in 1899. Trends and fashions come and go, but our craftsman’s feel for furniture abides. This means you get office furniture in tried-and-tested designs that can handle everyday use year in, year out.

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Edsbyn design department
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