Jon Kvarmans

In his role as product developer at Edsbyn, Jon uses his creative ability and deep wood knowledge to develop new furniture. He has a bachelor’s degree in Design and Wood Technology and has gone from developing windows to developing furniture in Hälsingland.

Jon grew up in Edsbyn and thinks that the best thing about the job is to be close to the production, to have access to a great deal of knowledge and a creative dialogue, which means that the step from idea, mock-up in full scale to prototype goes smoothly.

Jon is passionate about working with wood and the opportunity to work with Swedish-made and locally produced furniture in Edsbyn. He has developed our latest product – CHOICE Table – a complete table series that meets the needs of all workplaces, users and businesses. Regardless of the form of meeting, working methods or number of people, there is a Choice Table suitable for all areas in the workplace. Or as Jon says – a minimalist, sustainable, functional, flexible, scalable, affordable and modular table with an contemporary appeal.

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