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The research project My Soundspace is a cooperation with doctoral candidate Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson, which has the aim to answer the question “Is it possible to add sound to reduce stress and improve the ability to concen­trate at the workplace?”

Can the solution be a personalized dynamic audio environment that creates invisible space in the room?

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018, Sound Bubble 2.0 was presented as a new prototype where sound My Soundspaces technology was implemented in Edsbyn’s chair, Resolve Play.

See our Live Chat questions and answers about Sound Bubble 2.0 here:

Right now, we are looking for an office to test the development of Sound Bubble. Our goal is to develop according to the needs of users. This means that we will test the possibility of letting your own body control the sound environment in the Sound Bubble.

Well, we also think that people can use the app in a more developed form, thus allowing their own preferences to control the sound environment along with the body’s values. It also means that we will give the user the opportunity to access their own data. Thus, the ability to get an overview of their own body values and stress levels.

As our prototype looks like now, we are testing to use bracelets to measure.

At first, it will be implemented in furniture, but we are investigating the possibility of creating a standalone system.

The Sound bubble is based on a previous research project that lasted for 2.5 years.

This would mean that I could get the opportunity to be there on site for a while, interview you and observe how it goes. We want our participants to work as usual with their duties while in the audio bubble.

We will do the first pilot studies now in the spring and they will not cost anything.

Yes, we are currently looking for an office to test. If you are interested, email:

We will test a variety of offices. A small office could work great for a deep study for a short period of time.

In our first studies, we had participants with high sound sensitivity. It stated that the sound was not perceived to be disturbing. Of course this is something we will investigate with more participants and with other hearing problems.

Our goal is to have a product ready somewhere between 2020-2021.

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